Friday, December 11, 2020

Working from Home


Working from Home

Workers are experiencing an array of emotions

Brought on by the coronavirus pandemic

Their feelings are exacerbated in isolation

But many see hope by working at home


These home bound workers

Are able to spend more time with their families

Their new schedule gives them more flexibility.

They are enjoying the convenience of their own homes.

Many have ventured out at lunchtime for walks.


In working from home there’s less distraction.

Workers’ productivity has greatly increased.

McKinsey survey research finds that 41 percent

At their desk at home are more productive

Many introverts have benefited from changes in the work place

They are presently being able to judge by what they produce

And not by how they promote themselves at meetings


Working parents are happy to be spending time with their families.

They are able to be teachers of their kids that are taking remote classes.

Many have found new ways in practicing gratitude and being imaginative.

Parents are more relaxed and are spending more time caring for their needs.


“Great Emancipator, help all the families and friends that are quarantined by the coronavirus pandemic.  Continue to guide them as they work from home in unison with their children as they face these trying times.”


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