Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Peace with COVID-19


Peace with COVID-19

How can the elderly be at peace with COVID-19?

It’s killing them and reaping havoc in their midst

Yet people have to learn to live with the coronavirus.

They should try to do so and find peace.


With millions worldwide being affected by this virus

There are scams perpetuated during this pandemic

These are major incidents that cause many to stress

Especially the elderly that are sitting targets

But seniors must learn to protect themselves

So they don’t lose it and sink into depression


Seniors should therefore have their families

And trusted friends looking out for their welfare

Don’t let scammers try to talk them into their schemes

Telling them they have won a prize in a competition

And wanting them to pay taxes up front


But the elderly should remain calm and rely on loved ones

They shouldn’t isolate themselves by living alone

But reach out to family and friends that are helpful

Dependence on trusted relatives brings comfort

They have to be at peace in this crisis


They can depend on the North American Securities Administrators Association

By reporting schemes that attempt to disrupt their life

To be widows and widowers shouldn’t be seen as vulnerability

Know that scammers want to bleed them dry and drain their accounts

So they should be calm and be at peace when on social media

Don’t answer telephone calls that ask for their personal data

All these incidents are red flags that they should report to the authorities


“Ever-loving Benefactor, help the elderly to be at peace when they are faced with schemes by scammers.  Give them insight and guide them to detect these swindlers that seek to rob them.”


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