Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Elite Media

The Elite Media

John C. Merrill wrote The Elite Press.

Noam Chomsky said, “It’s the agenda-setting media”

That sets “the framework in which everyone else operates”


Media like the New York Times, Washington Post,

And the Wall Street Journal are elite newspapers

CBS, NBC, and ABC are TV networks

That also comes to mind

So are PBS, CNN, and Fox News


But all these news sources are controlled by corporations

They are in the business of selling audiences

But there’s a difference with these news organizations

Some are considered right-wing

While others are said to lean to the left


Chomsky is thought of as being on the left

Bill O’ Reilly of Fox News is on the right side of the spectrum

The New York Times and CBS appeal to a privileged group -

Managers, corporate executives, and university professors

While Fox News influences right-wing 

Opinion leaders, evangelicals, and conservatives


Time and Newsweek stand out as magazines of prominence.

But all the elite sources are battling the rise of misinformation

That has been more prevalent throughout the Trump administration

Politico has found 70 percent of Republicans believe

The 2020 elections results between Trump and Biden to be false

But the elite press and social media are pushing to clear the air of such distortions


“God, grant us the insight to determine what’s true in the market place of ideas.  Help American media officials to counter all falsehood with their political stories, by presenting the facts to their audience.”


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