Sunday, November 8, 2020

Symbol of Change


Symbol of Change

Change is in the air.

In America millions of voters took to the polls.

They voted for their candidates.

It’s a decision to elect the president of the United States.

And they cast their vote for a senator and congressman.


But voters had many things on their mind.

Some look at the character of their representatives.

Some were concerned about the economy.

Then there were those wishing for racial justice and harmony.


Pollsters looked at the predominant white voters.

Whether they were male or female

Their age group and identity were important.

So most pollsters focused

On the choices of white men as opposed to white women

Rich or poor, and if they live in an urban or rural communities


Minorities were a special concern

For they constituted a significant portion of the electorate

Many Black and Hispanic voters have different cultural identities.

Blacks are often concerned with multi-ethnic representation.

While the Cubans in Florida view the effects of socialism as important

Since many of them have taken refuge in the United States from Cuban oppression

“Loving Creator, embrace the various desires for social change amongst the diverse ethnic groups of the United States.  Guide its citizens to make good choices when they vote for their candidates on Election Day.”


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