Thursday, October 1, 2020

Lasting Peace


Lasting Peace

Let prayer be the light of your life

It’s the only way to live under God’s protection

It’s wise to pray for divine guidance

Live triumphantly and shout for joy

Let “Shalom! Peace!” Be your battle cry.


Accept that you might not always succeed

You may do your best and still not win

But with prayer just persevere

Set high goals to do what’s right

It’s your pleas on high for help that counts

Sooner or later your prayers will be answered


Prayer warriors should visualize the results

You should work at illuminating your goals

And always direct your beliefs to Allah, Brahma, or Dao

Have the peace that takes courage to bear fruits

And you’ll receive an olive branch of tranquility


The most certain way to succeed to pray without ceasing

Peace is what believers should always pursue

This is the basic truth about life’s journey

Believers will be blessed with justice and secured hearts

And transient peace will pass them by

Love and compassion will triumph in the end.


“Great Spirit, open our hearts to lasting peace.  Help us as we journey down the long and winding road that leads to personal fulfillment.”


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