Monday, September 28, 2020

Wildfires in the West


Wildfires in the West

In the summer months of 2020

Hot weather has renewed

Dangers of wildfires in the West

Extreme heat is causing

Many trees to burn

And the West Coast is experiencing

Intense cases of fires

Sweeping over millions of acres


Some 170,000 firefighters in California

Are battling 25 of these blazes

But there isn’t much they can do

For these fires are just sweeping across the landscape

Of Washington, Oregon, and California

Where dozens have been killed


Scientific evidence shows

Increasing air temperatures and drying soils,

With dead vegetation, and climate change

Increase the frequency for extreme fire risks

Homes built near forested areas

Have also been a very big problem

For wildfires engulf all these buildings

As they are swept along by strong winds


“Ultimate Provider, be with the firefighters in having the tools and know-how to fight such wildfires.  Help people so that they will play their part by not building more homes near forested areas.”


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