Sunday, September 13, 2020

Prayer Heals!


Prayer Heals!

Oh what a night!

Stressing that things will be right

Turn to prayer for solace

Little did I know?

My fears gradually melted away

I was comforted

Became relaxed

As I invoked the name of the Creator


The Almighty is magnificent!

I embraced this Ultimate Reality

Crying for help about the pain I felt

When all of a sudden

There seems as though a light shone

Deep within my heart

That touched my soul

And I was healed


God works in mysterious ways

No more will I stress about my illness

But I know that I’ll be living with affliction

It’s the price to pay for being older

But I’m sure I’ve revived

Undoubtedly, it’s miraculous!


“Everlasting Spirit of new realities thanks for soothing me.  I felt your warmth and grace that overtook me.  And you made me whole again in mind, body, and Spirit.”


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