Friday, September 11, 2020

Life's Passages: From Guyana to America


Life’s Passages: From Guyana to America

By Erwin K. Thomas

How has the Christian faith shaped my life?  Why did I pursue an education in America?   Why did I marry an American woman?  How did I get a break at CBS Network Radio News?  Why did I become an American citizen?  How did I eventually become a professor, chair, and graduate director at an American university?  Why did I become an author?  Why am I writing religious books in retirement?  These are some of the questions answered in Life’s Passages: From Guyana to America.  This book is a spiritual autobiography that traces my life up to the present time.  Its theme captures the role of a loving and caring God in people’s lives.  Readers will journey in the local environment of a small South American country of Guyana, and explore the realities of living as a student and professor in America.

It’s a great tribute to remember a few words of the lyrics from Neil Diamond’s popular song “America”.


We’ve been traveling far

Without a home

But not without a star


Only want to be free

We huddle close

Hang on to a dream

On the boats and on the planes

They’re coming to America

Never looking back again

They’re coming to America

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