Monday, August 10, 2020

The Happiness of Flowers


The Happiness of Flowers

It’s happiness when flowers bloom.

They reveal themselves beautifully.

Look at their radiance

As they appear in shades of colors -

White, blue, red, green, and yellow

These are carnations, bellflowers, roses, clovers, and daisies

How glorious these flowers are to wondering eyes


It’s one thing to talk about flowers’ beauty

But it’s another to be captivated by their fragrance

Undoubtedly their effusive scents bring joy

And attract butterflies and bees

As they welcome their majestic ways


These flowers adorn our local gardens

Many gardeners embrace them as a labor of love

For they decorate buildings and notable sites of interest

People display flowers on happy occasions

Like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries

These beauties are also the center of attraction in sacred places

Especially churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues

So let us give thanks for the happiness of flowers

And the warmth and blessings they bring


“Eternal Wisdom let us adorn our homes and delight in the splendor of flowers.  Help us to rejoice and be glad about flowers’ importance in our lives.  For such blessings we ask of your Providence.”


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