Friday, August 28, 2020

Save Our Children


Save Our Children

Save our children who are drowning

in a vast cesspool.  A cesspool that some adult leaders

have created by their behavior and rhetoric 

Pay attention to what they watch on TV,

listen to on the radio, learn in school, and from their peers 

Parents must take an active role

in saving their kids from having dysfunctional lives 

It is our responsibility

to save children in these turbulent times 

It’s unwise to leave them to the whims of the world. 

Children are our nation’s future.


“God, help us to figure out the best ways to save our kids.  Let us always be cognizant that our children have to be nurtured and raised well to be decent human beings.  Guide us so that we don’t shirk these responsibilities.”


@ (Dfurstane) Website


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