Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Happy Birthday Matthew


Happy Birthday Matthew!

Happy Birthday Matthew!

You’ve certainly brought much joy to our lives.

I remembered when your mom discovered she was pregnant.

It was surely a delightful day.


We attended Lamaze classes at Norfolk General Hospital

This was surely the way to do things right

But our instructor was patient

Getting your mom to the hospital as your great uncle was visiting was a challenge

But it all worked out well when you came into the world in the early hours of the morning on August 12, 1981


Surely your birth was a momentous occasion in our lives

As our only son, it felt like Christmas that August and months later

But raising you was challenging

I remembered the many feedings and diaper changes, kindergarten school, little league basketball games, field trips, and classes in Middle School

But by the time you were in High School you were responsible – working at Farmer Jack and learning to drive

Your adventures at James Madison University, and John Hopkins in Genetic Counseling, plus travels to Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago enthralled us

How much you’ve grown from these experiences


At college you navigated the dating scene

You met your soul-mate Shannon Mabry who you married

This was an extraordinary and fun wedding in Charlottesville, Virginia

Where you and Shannon have careers to this day

On this your 39th birthday, you’ve both been a great blessing to us!


“God, continue to bless Matthew on his 39th birthday.  May he continue to develop to his full potential! And bless his wife Shannon so that their lives will prosper.  These blessings we pray that you grant us.”


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