Friday, August 28, 2020

Save Our Children


Save Our Children

Save our children who are drowning

in a vast cesspool.  A cesspool that some adult leaders

have created by their behavior and rhetoric 

Pay attention to what they watch on TV,

listen to on the radio, learn in school, and from their peers 

Parents must take an active role

in saving their kids from having dysfunctional lives 

It is our responsibility

to save children in these turbulent times 

It’s unwise to leave them to the whims of the world. 

Children are our nation’s future.


“God, help us to figure out the best ways to save our kids.  Let us always be cognizant that our children have to be nurtured and raised well to be decent human beings.  Guide us so that we don’t shirk these responsibilities.”


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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Good & Bad Wildfires


Good & Bad Wildfires

Wildfires can occur in any country -

United States, Canada, Australia,

And even the Western Cape of South Africa

Natural fires generally start by lightning.

Some are by spontaneous combustion

Caused by sawdust and dried leaves

And these fires burn by a number of other reasons

But there are good and bad forest fires


Wildfires are good when they are beneficial.

They turn dead trees and decaying plant matter into ashes

Causing nutrients to return to the soil,

Instead of being trapped in dead plant vegetation

So wildfires clear the decaying trees of debris by returning health to the forest

And some plants depend on the heat to help them germinate


Wildfires are bad when they destroy homes

Causing a loss of lives and millions of cultivated acres

People suffer and many species are wiped out

Such fires also kill trees that prevent erosion

Thus having a negative impact on the environment


In forests more trees die because of insect infestation,

And disease than from fires

So nature is both good and bad,

For fires help restore the forests’ ecosystem

And decomposed organic matter enriches the soil

With minerals and new plants grow


“Eternal Essence you have shown that from wildfires there could be good and bad results.  So help us to have a better understanding of nature.”


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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Happy Birthday Matthew


Happy Birthday Matthew!

Happy Birthday Matthew!

You’ve certainly brought much joy to our lives.

I remembered when your mom discovered she was pregnant.

It was surely a delightful day.


We attended Lamaze classes at Norfolk General Hospital

This was surely the way to do things right

But our instructor was patient

Getting your mom to the hospital as your great uncle was visiting was a challenge

But it all worked out well when you came into the world in the early hours of the morning on August 12, 1981


Surely your birth was a momentous occasion in our lives

As our only son, it felt like Christmas that August and months later

But raising you was challenging

I remembered the many feedings and diaper changes, kindergarten school, little league basketball games, field trips, and classes in Middle School

But by the time you were in High School you were responsible – working at Farmer Jack and learning to drive

Your adventures at James Madison University, and John Hopkins in Genetic Counseling, plus travels to Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago enthralled us

How much you’ve grown from these experiences


At college you navigated the dating scene

You met your soul-mate Shannon Mabry who you married

This was an extraordinary and fun wedding in Charlottesville, Virginia

Where you and Shannon have careers to this day

On this your 39th birthday, you’ve both been a great blessing to us!


“God, continue to bless Matthew on his 39th birthday.  May he continue to develop to his full potential! And bless his wife Shannon so that their lives will prosper.  These blessings we pray that you grant us.”


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Monday, August 10, 2020

The Happiness of Flowers


The Happiness of Flowers

It’s happiness when flowers bloom.

They reveal themselves beautifully.

Look at their radiance

As they appear in shades of colors -

White, blue, red, green, and yellow

These are carnations, bellflowers, roses, clovers, and daisies

How glorious these flowers are to wondering eyes


It’s one thing to talk about flowers’ beauty

But it’s another to be captivated by their fragrance

Undoubtedly their effusive scents bring joy

And attract butterflies and bees

As they welcome their majestic ways


These flowers adorn our local gardens

Many gardeners embrace them as a labor of love

For they decorate buildings and notable sites of interest

People display flowers on happy occasions

Like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries

These beauties are also the center of attraction in sacred places

Especially churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues

So let us give thanks for the happiness of flowers

And the warmth and blessings they bring


“Eternal Wisdom let us adorn our homes and delight in the splendor of flowers.  Help us to rejoice and be glad about flowers’ importance in our lives.  For such blessings we ask of your Providence.”


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