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Sunlit Streams of Water

Sunlit Streams of Water 

Sunlit Streams of Water is a devotional that celebrates religious naturalism.  This book captures the symbolism of “sunlight,” “streams,” and “water.”  Its themes represent the life, energy, power, and rebirth shown in the sun.  Sunlight appears as the completion of the Creator’s great work.  Streams declare the passage of time, while water is the new birth as it flows into the vast oceans of life.  Much of this symbolism shows a pathway to our hearts.  But water itself represents not only birth, but also fertility, and refreshment.  It symbolizes life itself, and is used for purification and healing, alleviation of suffering, and redemption.  In Christianity it’s the symbol of baptism while the Holy Spirit is often depicted as celestial fire.  But to a religious naturalist nature in all its manifestations – sky, moon, stars, mountains, hills, valleys, trees, flora and fauna are Holy.  Scientific inquiry and the arts are prerequisites on which all reality is best interpreted.

Belief in Religious Naturalism
The author’s beliefs are a testimony to Transcendentalism with a faith in nature. In this treatise nature is paramount in people’s lives. Natural phenomena always played a vital role. Every aspect of nature is important to mankind’s thinking and actions.  Our mind, body, and soul are guided by nature. People shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that nature was separate from them, for they are intricately interrelated with its soul. Nature’s beauty is blended with all natural gifts.  “Nature is All in All,” and embraces every aspect of life.

To embrace the All in All is having an appreciation of the Creator’s manifestations.  The heavenly bodies - the sun, moon, and stars, known and unknown planets traversing the sky are phenomenal.  The trees, plants, oceans, rivers, streams, mountains, hills and valleys speak in their own language while buffeted by the wind.  So are the seasons – spring, summer, autumn, and winter with their distinct moods.  Sometimes it’s calm, beautiful, and glorious. Occasionally there are hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and forest fires.

But birds, reptiles, fishes, and animals of all sorts inhabit the earth living in the air, land, or sea.  They breed, feed, and exist in an unpredictable reality.  These creatures are provided for by nature.  People breathe fresh air, pick fruits, feast on delicious foods, and drink refreshing water; build cozy houses from trees, light fires to cook meals, and dress warmly in winter months with nature’s bounty.
These manifestations are only a part of the Eternal Essence that’s within, above, below, and around us.  To personalize such an Essence is only a metaphor.  It, S/he is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, immanent, and Transcendent.  No words could adequately describe the sum of this all-encompassing Reality.
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