Monday, July 20, 2020

One's Own Bias

One’s Own Bias

Imagine our beliefs
They may make sense to us
But they are only our perspectives
They can be personal, culturally based
But still they are impractical

Many of us are carried away by our emotions
We cry, laugh, and cheer
About situations that touch us deeply
But why are we this way?
It’s because we are emotional beings

Many of our tastes are based on our desires
Why do we long for certain things?
These could be a whim, a fancy,
Something that pops up
And just sweeps us off of our feet

Yet such a feeling could be triggered
By a beautiful sunrise in the sky
That touches us deeply
But all of this depends on our taste,
Our mental attitude, and it’s very personal

“God, help us realize that we have personal biases that are subjective.  Let us be aware of these feelings, but enable us to know that they aren’t necessarily true.”
@ (Dfurstane) Website

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