Saturday, July 18, 2020

Hail to the Sun!

Hail to the Sun!

Sunlight glitters
It’s reflected from water
Shimmering in streams
Making summer surreal

O what a beautiful sun!
That warms our hearts
Making plants grow
And gracing us with its presence

The sun is like a generator
It heats up the atmosphere
Thrilling us with its brilliance
And enlivens our lives

O the sun is a ubiquitous light
That makes us happy in the summer
Even when it’s hot and sticky
Yes, people simply love sunlight
Its beams generate life
Affects our mood
And we can’t hide from it

The sun is good for health reasons
But still people have to be careful
For they could get sunburn
And later develop skin cancer
So be sure to use sun screen
When strolling outside this summer

“Good God, thank you for the blessing of sunlight.  Help us to enjoy its light, and make us cognizant of the precautions we ought to take while basking in this gift.”
@ (Dfurstane) Website

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