Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Prayer for Healing

Prayer for Healing

O God! Help us during these challenging times.  We have been hit by the coronavirus that’s reaping havoc in our midst.  To whom can we turn, but to you, to find release from our isolation and this pain.  As a result tens of thousands around the world have died terrible deaths from this disease.  There have been countless hospitalizations with many patients on ventilators, and our loved ones are forced to live in isolation.  When will there be relief?  When will this epidemic pass? God enable those working on the front lines to develop a vaccine, so that people could eventually be free from this deadly affliction.

In addition, America and other nations around the world are in crisis.  Your people are crying out for justice.  God put it in our hearts whether we are able-bodied, handicapped, gay or straight that we all have compassion.  Let us see that we are all equal in your sight, and we should love our neighbors as ourselves.  And God help our legislators and justice systems to uphold the tenets of equal justice in the land for all men and women of different races, national origin, and creeds.

Omnipotent and Merciful God, please hear our prayer!

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