Saturday, June 20, 2020

Father's Day Blessing

Father’s Day Blessing

Holy Spirit guide our dads
That they may always do
What’s right in your sight!
Keep them safe
As they go about their daily lives
So that they may be at peace

Help them as parents of their children
And good husbands to their wives
Give them wisdom and understanding
To know what’s best in these troubling times
Comfort them and walk with them
All the days of their lives

Universal Spirit, you who makes no distinction
Of race, color, or creed
Be with our dads in every home
Help them to be good mentors in their families
Teach them how to take criticism
When their efforts fall short
As dads, grand-dads, and great grand-dads

Bless and keep our dads
Universal Spirit, walk with them
Talk with them
And guide them
To be good leaders of their families,
Community and nation

“Eternal Presence by the grace of God, watch over our dads.  Lift them up to be the best dads, grand-dads, and great grand-dads that they can be.  For these blessings we pray.”
@ (Dfurstane) Website

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