Friday, June 12, 2020

50th Wedding Anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary

Oh! How life has been good to us
And has graced us with such amazing gifts
What else could we ask?
Loving God, “We thank you!”
It isn’t only us you have blessed.
It’s our family, and friends who have walked with us.
They have comforted, and helped us along the way.

To all our anniversary well-wishers, “Thank you!”
You were with us on this journey of challenges
But as we faced these realities we grew stronger
For such blessings, “We thank God!”

To honor this day June 13th, 2020
We light a candle of hope and look ahead.
“It isn’t just getting older,” we say,
“But wiser in mind, body, and Spirit”
Nor must we forget to thank our son Matthew
And daughter-in-law Shannon,
For being wonderful blessings
Plus all the members of our family and friends,
Who have support us along the way

 Let our candle continue to burn
And let us pay homage to the Divine in our lives,
—The Supreme Being guiding us
And like radiant beauty of life we welcome
The golden flowers that have sprung in our garden
“Omnipotent and Omniscient Creator! Thank you for guiding us these 50 years,
And blessing our marriage; be with us as long as we shall live.”
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