Saturday, May 16, 2020

A Religious Naturalist's Views

A Religious Naturalist's Views

I’m not concerned about how I’m living my life.
I often try my best.
I say my prayers to the Universal Spirit.
And take good care of myself.
I try to eat the right foods.
Exercise and have some fun.
Read and think about life.
But you may never know what perplexes me?

You see I work hard to better myself.
I could surely say that I’ve grown spiritually.
For a great deal of my earthly life I’ve overcome.
But a great mystery lies beneath everything I do.
Some may say live life by doing your best.
And when you die you’ll be rewarded.
They place their hopes in a heavenly abode.
But with me it’s a different story.

I no longer hold the Christian belief about the afterlife.
Neither do I believe in the Eastern concept of reincarnation.
So where do I stand?
I’m a religious naturalist?
So what happens when I depart this world?
I’ll just fade away and become One with the Universe.
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