Sunday, May 24, 2020

In Honor of the Service Men and Women

In Honor of Service Men and Women

On Memorial Day let us be mindful
Of the battles fought and won for freedom
Let us bow down and kiss the ground
Where the fallen were put to rest

By this way we honor them
For a job well done
They were the brave ones – men and women
That fought to defend the rights of nations
And paid the ultimate sacrifice
These precious souls live in our memories.

By the grace of God let us take heed
Of the devastation of wars inflict,
Countless sufferings, brutality, pain, and death
But what are people to gain from such miseries?

Let’s pray that victories in foreign lands
Not only bring peace but prosperity
With goals that citizens live up to the supreme task
Of letting peace reign, and banishing wars from all lands

“Divine Savior, for such ultimate sacrifice we pray, ‘Eternal Spirit - be with our resolve.’”
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