Friday, May 8, 2020

Healing in Life

Healing in Life

Do you have constant headaches, low energy, and aching limbs?
Are you nervous with colds and sweaty palms?
Do you have clenched jaws and grind your teeth?
Do you suffer from palpitations and anxiety attacks?
Are you prone to violent outbursts?
Do you have a mental problem, an eating disorder, or are you obese?
Then you might be worn out with the demands of the world.

You could have a lack of appetite, addicted to alcohol, or nicotine.
Maybe you are pacing the floor, fidgeting, and unable to settle down.
With such a behavior you are unable to focus on your work.
You might even be suffering from some other chronic ailment.
But you just can’t sleep at night, and have no sexual interest.
Your condition could be due to the rat race in the work place.

From childhood you were taught to be competitive.
“Be your best! The sky is the limit!”
You never knew it, but you were coerced to join the band of competitors.
Now you are running on overdrive and hooked on a computer.
You just can’t find the time to relax and enjoy life.

But you could correct this negative course by embracing positive changes.
Be sure to check with your doctor about your impending problems.
It will take is a change in your lifestyle before it’s too late.
Make time to eat right, get a good night’s sleep, relax, and exercise to alleviate the stress.

“God, help us with our health problems.  Give us the insight to deal with these problems so that we would be able to be healthy again.  And grant us the peace of mind to enjoy work.”
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