Sunday, April 5, 2020

Stranger than Science Fiction

Stranger than Science Fiction

What? When? Where? How? Why?
At times don’t apply to science
How the universe originated?
From an infinitesimal speck boggles the mind
How did this speck cause the Big Bang?
Is hard to comprehend,
But it’s a scientific explanation of how the universe originated

Why the universe is teeming with planets and black holes?
Raises many questions
If an astrophysicist could conceivably place a clock
In the center of a black hole, time would slow until the clock stops
Still the universe is governed by laws – there’s gravitation, matter, energy,
And infinite space in the ever-expanding galaxies

Life originated from a primordial sea from none-living entities,
But still a scientist is unable to duplicate this phenomenon in the lab
Albert Einstein proved that matter and energy are similar
The atheist Stephen Hawing wrote if there was a God
He would be impersonal, and be in the laws of nature
But this would be a definition – not a fact.

“God, give us wisdom in understanding the mysteries of the universe.  But help us to be cognizant that when some mysteries are revealed there would be other profound ones to understand.”
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