Saturday, March 21, 2020

Partition Guyana?

Partition Guyana?

Guyana is in turmoil
Since the Jagan-Burnham days
The nation was split
Between East Indians and Blacks
This is the legacy that has taken hold
And it makes no sense blaming the British
For that’s the way of politics

Since this division in the 1950’s
Voting in Guyana has always been suspicious
With East Indians and Blacks vying for power
International observers monitor the national elections
But still some results of the past were suspect along racial lines
American President Jimmy Carter headed one such team

The 2020 elections has again been marred
With accusations between the Afro-Granger and Indo-Jagdeo camps
There are accusations of rigging in Region 4
So once again there are upheavals with Blacks and East Indians
Where there was violence,
Innocent Guyanese terrorized, and some were killed

One great thing that has happened is Guyana now has an oil boom
With its population less than one million
There’s a forecast that millions would be flowing into its economy
Why squander these resources with the country in turmoil?
It appears the best thing to do is to divide the country
Administratively and economically equally between the races
This will mean that Guyanese might still stand a chance to live in peace
Will partition be the answer?

“Gracious Creator, help Guyanese to work out their differences amicably.  Let its leaders show wisdom and good judgment in this country torn by racial strife.”
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