Saturday, March 14, 2020

Dove of Healing

Dove of Healing

Had a dream while fast asleep
Of a white dove hovering overhead
While watching in amazement
I was struck that it was flying towards me
Fluttering it landed on my lap

What does this mean?
The world is in crisis over the coronavirus outbreak
I was stressing about all those who have died
And the many more suffering
With respiratory ailments and infecting others
Is there hope in these uncharted times?

Certainly there is!
A white dove symbolizes peace and tranquility
It is love, simplicity, and friendship
My dream was a vision
And a blessing from the Holy Spirit
Yes! The world will heal
Suffering will pass
And there will be normalcy again

“Omnipotent Spirit, give us the will by taking the steps necessary as people struggle with the coronavirus outbreak.  Guide us to be mindful of the vulnerabilities this threat poses to our loved ones.  And help us in our quest to heal the broken-hearted and find relief.”

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