Thursday, March 12, 2020

Dfurstane's Spiritual Beliefs

Dfurstane’s Spiritual Beliefs @

People are the product of their culture.  Profoundly their beliefs are shaped by the way they were raised.  And many are bound together by strong family ties.  They are taught from an early age how to view the world, behave, and what’s right and wrong.  Since they are from different cultures their experiences may differ, still there will exist some commonalities in their belief systems.  To very many people religion is an early teacher concerning how they are raised and valued.  Most of these believers belong to one of the major faith traditions – Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and some are secular humanists.  Yet the influence of Judaism that’s comparatively small with its number of adherents has greatly influenced the monotheistic faiths of Christianity and Islam.  But seeking has moved this original Anglican believer to become religious literate, and in formulating what’s described as a Dfurstane’s Spiritual Beliefs.

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