Sunday, December 8, 2019

Spiritual Beliefs

Spiritual Beliefs

1)  Spiritual beliefs are always evolving, and like all of nature nothing remains the same.

2)  Dfurstane (Eternal Essence) is all in all, predictable and unpredictable, the existence of a mystery, and always greater than conceived. 

3)  The Timeless Spirit is the glue that holds all manifestations together.

4)  Through Dfurstane all elements, structures, and people are created.

5)  On entering the world all living and non-living things take some form, and at the end of their existence they become invisible.

6)  The consciousness and health of all living beings are determined by “chance.”

7)  Sin and free will are human constructs, but “good” and “bad” exist—different sides of the same coin.

8)  People pray by their thoughts, deeds, physical exercises, and works.

9)  Rational thinking causes growth, development, discovery, and healing.

10)  “Positive” and “negative” polarities cause cultural norms, but eternal reality is diverse in nature.

11)  Prayer only works as a regulator of “cosmic wholeness.”  It has to do with interdependence, and inter-relationships of all structures.  Believers should pray for “harmony.” Lack of “harmony” is how the world experiences disruptions of all sorts.  This reality has nothing to do with the way people are living but is due to “chance.”   

12)  Living in “harmony” with nature is the key for a successful life.   This entails having a balance life: a) helping the mind grow in understanding; b) caring for one’s physical body; c) serving society’s poor, homeless, and destitute; and d) building up the world through love and compassion.

13)  Religious literacy helps believers discover the diverse paths that are essential for spiritual growth. 

14)  Finally, believers by following a spiritual path will merge with Dfurstane.

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