Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Joys of Christmas

Joys of Christmas

Christ the little babe was born in a manger
While Mother Mary and Father Joseph were there
So were animals keeping watch that memorable night
And that’s the story of Christ’s birth

This glorious birth, believers celebrate on December 25th.
It’s on Christmas day when Christmas trees
Of all dimensions are aglow with colorful lights
Large and small presents adorn their branches
And precious gifts lie under the trees
Green wreaths with red and silver decorations
Add to the splendor and are hung in homes

It’s a time to celebrate our Savior’s majestic birth
So let church bells ring and trumpets blast
For a King is born in Bethlehem
Let the celebrations begin

At Christmas there’s an outpouring of love
Everyone rejoices and the hopes of the world are renewed
People do everything to buy gifts for loved ones.
And children jump for joy on Christmas morning
After Santa Claus comes bearing gifts

Not even the poor and downtrodden are forgotten
For believers make a special effort
To feed the poor and destitute with a Christmas dinner 
That’s why churches are busy at this time of year ringing in the season
“Heavenly Father we give thanks for the joys of Christmas, these celebrations, and good will that unite us all.  Help us to live each day like its Christmas.”

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