Sunday, November 3, 2019

Ethics for the New Milennium

The Dalai Lama’s Ethics for the New Millennium is rather compelling to read.  This book’s central theme is based on the virtues of compassion, love, patience, forgiveness, and humility among others.  He traces his life’s journey from Tibet to his home-in-exile India, travels, lectures, and observations about life.  The Dalai Lama keeps reminding readers that although he is the spiritual leader of Tibet he is still a human being like all of us.

He discusses what it means to be like children, adolescents, adults, professionals, and senior citizens.  Often the Dalai Lama encourages us to live up to our responsibility of being decent human beings.  It is for us to have disciplined lives, to love our neighbors, help the poor and underprivileged, and strive for the betterment of humanity.  That’s why it is best to practice restrain by working on doing no harm to others.

There are many things people could do to propagate peace in their lives.  They ought to live in harmony with their families, neighbors, community, nation, and the world.  According to the Dalai Lama people don’t have to be religious to do such things.  A great deal of what we do should come from our heart.  This is so because he believes that our basic goal in life is to be happy.  This same happiness people should want for all others, including their family, neighbors, and even their enemies.

Concerning world peace the Dalai Lama wasn’t happy about those who work in building arms of mass destruction.  He thinks that this is a waste of resources that could be spent more wisely.  Yet he was hopeful that the major powers of the world cut back on their arsenals and find peace.  This he realizes isn’t exactly easy because many professionals make their living through the military industrial complex.  But he was hopeful that some international organizations like UNESCO could be more effective.  Although the Dalai Lama realizes that members of the public don’t have a voice in this organization.

The Dalai Lama is for supporting efforts for the existence of a clean environment.  He reminisced about what it was like growing up in Tibet amidst an abundance of wildlife - animals, birds, and other species.  He deplores the deforestation of lands, pollution, and the hazards caused by the use of chemicals.  He therefore hopes that all these problems would be solved by people playing their rightful part in society.  And Dalai Lama believes that everyone – people of all classes, rich and poor, professionals, politicians, scientists, and entrepreneurs should live compassionately by upholding the virtues in building sustainable communities, nations, and the world.     

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