Friday, November 8, 2019

A Good Life

A Good Life

When people talk about being comfortable do they mean being in Comfort Inns, having improved home efficiency, using a hybrid bike shopper, and being served by others?  Or do they wish to retire financially comfortable having at their disposal an adjustable chair, and a water furnace geo-thermal unit?  These might be part of your plan of having a good life when you’re able to watch multiple TV channels via satellite or cable.  But are you really satisfied with such comfort?  You might say add my favorite drinks of wine, beer, and liquor.  Aren’t you sure that you would still be lacking what’s essential for a healthy lifestyle?  Your friends might advise you to do an exercise program, and try to be healthy.  But it’s essential you take a good look at your spiritual life.  For behind all comforts care should be taken in your spiritual growth.  You must remember that God, Brahman, Allah, or Dao is the provider of every comfort.

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