Monday, October 21, 2019

Wake Up

Sam Harris’s Waking Up is a thoughtful account about how to tap into one’s consciousness.  The author who is a neuroscientist discussed the right and left brain dichotomy.  Our right brain functions quite differently from the left, but still they are complimentary.

Harris discussed many topics that have to do with the brain, thinking, and feeling.  Some of these are reflections of the mind, hallucinations, near death experiences, and the role of drugs.  And the author made trips to the Far East to have experiences from gurus.  But he ended up not being impressed with some of their meditational practices.

As a scientist the author evaluated a variety of practices while attempting to explore consciousness.  For him people didn’t have to be religious to reap these benefits.  But Harris’s own approach to meditation had to be subjected to scientific scrutiny.  That is why as an atheist he didn’t think much about the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam that based many of their beliefs on faith.

Harris’s book will shake up what believers think about their religion.  And although the writer found benefits in meditation, still he exposes some of the Far Eastern gurus that were nothing more than charlatans.  So Waking Up isn’t a book that is promoting any religious belief, but its contents are geared to those who wish to reap the benefits of meditation without a religion.  So this guide to spirituality without religion should be read by believers and non-believers alike, who wish to tap into consciousness by submerging “I” in their thinking, and showing compassion towards others.    

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