Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Time & Balance

Time & Balance

Time is like money.
And has to be spent wisely.
So why let people waste your time?
Time is also tricky and can be used for good.
In short time is a lot more than money.

To God, “A thousand years are like one day.”
But a lifetime of a human is like a grain of sand.
Still people are endowed with amazing qualities.
These gifts many share with God’s creation.

But time is necessary for growth and development.
All organisms have to have nutrients to grow and this process takes time.
With years of education humans have to learn the vital lesson for living.
Believers have to be fed with spiritual food to develop qualities of hope, faith, and love.
To grow in virtuosity takes time.

With time dreams and aspirations become realities.
Many people ask, “Do I have what it takes to do a particular job?”
“Is my ability suitable for a certain career?”
“Am I honest about my aptitude?”
Before endeavoring to undertake their mission in life.

But living is a challenge.
And as people pursue their goals they have to consider taking breaks for rejuvenation
However life isn’t only for fun times, but doing God’s work that has to be done.
But whatever people do it’s best to aim for a good balance in living.
“Eternal Spirit, help us to use time wisely.  Help us make the best use of our gifts, and live a balanced life.”

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