Thursday, August 29, 2019

Thoughts & Prayers

Thoughts & Prayers

Often people hear believers say to those who are dealing with problems, “Know of our thoughts and prayers.”  These words go out when some family member or friend passes away.  At times our thinking is focused on helping the poor, destitute, and the homeless.  And people follow through by giving them charitable donations. Or, they may decide to help those with incurable diseases, viz., cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, or chronic renal failure.

But there are those natural disasters over which people have no control.  But do they?  Some religious people believe they do.  Hurricane Katrina (2005), Canterbury earthquake (2010), Christchurch earthquake (2011), Central Mexico earthquake (2017), and Hurricane Maria (2017) brought countless suffering and devastation to many households.  What about the massacres perpetuated by terrorists, viz., Columbine High School massacre (1999), Virginia Tech Shooting (2007), Norway attacks (2011), Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting (2012), Paris attack (2015), Orlando Nightclub shooting (2016), Las Vegas shooting (2017), Christchurch Mosque shooting (2019)?  These tragic events were random acts at schools, and nightclubs.  Still believers lift up these victims, and their families in their thoughts and prayers.

People who sympathize with victims and families with these tragedies would also give charitable donations to relieve their suffering.  But it should be remembered that healing starts in our minds.  It’s what believers think that’s important.  Positive thoughts are a form of prayer.  Although it’s difficult to measure the effectiveness of such thoughts, still believers know in their hearts that thoughts and prayers are a source of healing.     

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