Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Triumphant Church

The Triumphant Church

The triumphant church is glorious, and offers holiness for all to enjoy.  It’s a blessed and glorious company of Christians that celebrate sacredness.  These believers come to know and experience what dwelling in the Creator’s presence really means.  Many are saints in glory who know God’s exceeding greatness and grace.  To them the fire of Pentecost still burns brightly.  Saint Basil (330379 AD), bishop of Caesarea said, “A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds.  A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.”  In fellowship believers interact and touch each other’s hearts giving wings to love.

Heavenly Inhabitants

In Christianity angels are blessed spirits and are a crucial part of the Universal Church.  Believers are rejuvenated when they rest on the Sabbath from their labors.  They seek spiritual companionship not only on Sundays when worshiping, but throughout the week serving their fellowmen and women.  By so doing, they show to the world a spirit as evangelists of the faith.  As heavenly inhabitants believers are blessed with the spirit of harmony.  Jim Sturgess (b. 1978), an English actor and song-writer wrote, “Love is such a powerful subject matter because it comes in so many different shapes and sizes.  It’s about timing, fate, failure, redemption.”  Sturgess shared with us love in all its dimensions that all are free to have through God’s goodness.  This kind of love radically transforms people’s lives.

Praising God

Christians always praise God for his benevolence and merciful ways.  He’s known for glorious works that dominate our lives and the environment.  They praise God’s goodness to mankind, and with a contemplative spirit give thanks for their blessings.  Anointed with generosity in the spirit  words of praise flow forth from them.  These words express how they feel about God.  Their spiritual experiences are lofty, and might well be coming from angels who perpetually praise God.

Charles E. Wilson (18901961), the tenth president of General Motors said, “For more than 150 years free men in our countries have had the opportunities to educate themselves, choose their own religions, select their own occupations, accumulate capital and invent better ways of doing things.”  A better way is also to pray to God when seeking guidance.

Pure Holiness

Visions of pure holiness are spectacular.  To humans, these are lovely and give their hearts an exalted feeling.  This is when believers reach for the Son of righteousness for what is infinitely pure, lovely, and beautiful.  Here, such people are blessed with spiritual mercies, and food for Enlightenment.  Once capturing such gifts they become enlivened like the spirit of an apostle.

Suze Orman (b. 1951), an author, financial adviser, and motivational speaker wrote, “True generosity is an offering; give freely and out of pure love.  No string attached.  No expectations.  Time and love are the most valuable possessions you can share.”  In the Church triumphant it’s all about love.  It’s for believers to pursue ways of changing people’s lives.  It’s the goal to set a trail in motion of such goodness, kindness, and caring that impact lives for the better.                

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