Friday, August 9, 2019

Nature & Nurture

Nature & Nurture

Nature and nurture go hand in hand
Although they are uniquely different
Nature is in your genes
You’re born that way
With certain physical and personality traits
Irrespective to where you were born or raised

What a person inherits biologically from their parents
In their childhood can’t be changed in any way
But nurture is the environment in which we live
And this can be changed for the better
It helps if our children are raised by loving parents.

As people grow how healthy they are, are reflected in many ways
This is determined by their diet
The amount and type of exercise they do
How they sleep at night
And the work they do to earn a living

Where they live is important
Are they stuck in an urban environment?
With skyscrapers, traffic congestion, and pollution
Or do they live in the country?
Where there are open spaces, trees, lakes, and fresh air

The results of living under these conditions are certain
Many factors help shape our lives in good and bad ways.
“Eternal Spirit, help us to make good choices concerning how and where we live.  Guide us in our goal to cultivate a healthy lifestyle by recognizing the relationship of nature and nurture.”

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