Saturday, August 3, 2019

Miracles of Summer

Miracles of Summer
What a time to bash in the sunlight
Enjoying the breeze sweeping across the landscape
Hearing birds chirping in the trees
And taking a plunge in the ocean

Its summertime
Everyone is out and around
Enjoying the scenery – picnics,
Hiking, and canoeing
Just hop into a convertible
And take a trip to the countryside
That’s blossoming with delight in summer

Summer is one of the most celebrated times of the year
When children sell lemonade on street corners
People buy ice-cold sodas, and enjoy ice-cream cones
Yes, its summer – a happy season in our lives
Our Eternal Spirit graces us with abundance
And it’s warm, oftimes pleasant, and relaxing
It’s the time when plants flourish bearing delicious fruits
So why not kick back, and watch the Divine at work during this season?

“Glory be to our gracious God, who has bless us with oceans, rivers, and sunlit streams of water,
Mountains, hills, and flowering landscapes with roses and daisies, birds and brilliant sunlight - Universal Spirit, help us to enjoy these wonders as you reveal the miracles at summer.”

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