Thursday, August 15, 2019

Marriage of Compatibility

Marriage of Compatibility
Nature is “consistent” and “inconsistent.”
That’s the way of the Laws of Nature.
So when it comes to the Law of Attraction it’s just the same.

People say, “Opposites attract.”
That’s “true” and “false.”
With sub-atomic particles of “positive Protons”
And “negative Neutrons” that’s always true
Believers have heard of Christians inter-marrying believers from other faith traditions –
Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Africans, Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims
Whites marry Blacks, Blacks marry Asians, and Asians marry Native Americans
Many such unions are successful and last for a life time.

People also say, “Like attracts like.”
Again we hear of Christians inter-marrying believers of the same sex.
We live at a time when LGBTQ+ has gained national prominence.
Males marry males, females marry females, and bisexuals marry bisexuals
Many of these individuals are from different faith traditions or may be non-believers

Believers might ask the question, “Why is it that life is manifesting itself this way?”
But the truth is that all of life manifests itself in “predictable and unpredictable ways.”
The Universal Spirit is at work when “males marry females” and “believers marry non-believers.”

“Supreme Spirit, God, or gods, grant us the insight to understand the diversity of your manifestations.  Let us see that ‘positives don’t always attract negatives’ and vice versa.  But in your mercy you have shown us that believers marry because of their compatibility.”

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