Monday, August 19, 2019

God's Creation

God’s Creation
How do believers make sense of God’s Creation?
God’s manifestations of the celestial sky, rotating earth, far-flung lands,
Mountains, rivers, animals, flora, and fauna
Grace us each day and night
But it’s through reason that believers consciously make sense of these phenomena.

Scientists note the facts of the setting and rising sun.
Believers experience the changes of the earth as it heats and cools.
That’s how people know about what to expect during the seasons of the year.
Science tells us of impending storms and natural disasters
Reasoning is a characteristic of human intelligence
That helps us to determine the facts of life

But it isn't only believers’ reason at work.
They have to rely on their intuition to make that leap
To fully understand  creation and  Divinity
This creative process leads to formal proof
And makes it possible to set goals, have beliefs, and attitudes
Based on human freedom and self-determination

Over centuries scientific research has evolved
And answered questions about beliefs in sacred books that were myths
So religious believers now understand why different cultures
Might have divergent beliefs on matters of faith and morality

“Eternal Spirit, help us in our reasoning to find the true nature of reality.  Guide us in our understanding to have better perspectives in interpreting the faith traditions of the world.”

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