Saturday, June 1, 2019

With Tears Help US God, in Virginia Beach

With Tears Help Us God, in Virginia Beach

O Merciful Father, God, and Divine Protector
Help us with the tears we are shedding
For the 12 killed and injured in Virginia Beach
Ease our pain and comfort us
To do everything in our power against such wanton display of violence

We thank you for all the first responders
who risked their lives for the safety of countless others
We offer up prayers with the hope that people be secured in our beloved city
That there will always be protection for the innocent and vulnerable
That there will be peace in Virginia Beach and Greater Hampton Roads
And that we will have confidence in the good will of fellow Virginians
Of diverse races, to be ardent supporters of the cause of safety for all

Grant O Lord! – Great Universal Spirit that our sorrow will cease
As we mourn the loss of these precious Virginians
And heal the wounds of the injured and abused
Give us the courage to go about our business in our city
With fervor, and help us to prevent such acts
of disgrace from ever happening again

Eternal Spirit under your wings continue to nestle us
Always giving us the strength and will to oppose
what’s wrong, and standing up for what’s right
Keep us safe, and help us always to be true to you
In thoughts, words, and deeds
Through Our Great and Everlasting Savior

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