Monday, June 3, 2019

The Summit of Life

The Summit of Life

Climb the mountain
God has set before you
Your goal is to reach the summit
So don’t ever remain stuck in a valley
But discover your purpose in life and pursue it diligently

You must not be lukewarm in pursuing your purpose
But be passionate about it
Give your best shot and discover your life’s goal.

Is your purpose, loving your family?
Then truly love your husband, wife, and kids
With your whole heart, body, and soul
Show them the depths of love by what you do
Just don’t say the word ‘love’
But act on your desire and be passionate about it.

Is your purpose in life promoting the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity?
Then reach out and bless those you encounter
Make friends with those you meet on the highways and byways
Give generously to the poor, hungry, and destitute
Always reaffirming your passion for the dignity of mankind

Is your passion found in a career?
If you teach endeavor to be the best teacher of your students.
If you are in sports, rise to the occasion of being a credit to the team.
If you are a writer explore stories that will make readers become better people.
If you are a scientist pursue research for the health of the human race.
And if you are a religious, pray for, and with the world, for the betterment of God’s creation.
For once you find your purpose, you are meant to be a role model.

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