Friday, June 28, 2019

Light & Illumination

With Light there’s Illumination

In revelation deities and saints show goodness, clarity, and insight.
And light is also a symbol of purity and openness.
The light of Buddhists and Bodihisattvas come from within.
It’s often depicted as a rainbow or flames above their heads
Showing that they have achieved Enlightenment

In Hinduism light symbolizes Brahman – the eye, self, gods, and divinity.
Believers embrace this light as the power of the sun, a star, or planet.
Often it’s seen as an illumination of the mind, brilliance, happiness, and prosperity.
Devout Hindus are inspired by its wisdom, knowledge, intuition, and energy.

In Christianity light is a motif that resides within.
 The humble minds of the faithful Christians are considered enlightened.
This light is considered supernatural, and part of their religious life from creation.
Believers hold to the tenets that with light the darkness of bad deeds would disappear.
Christians are taught to view themselves as the light of the world.
By so doing the Angles of Light work on their behalf.

Sikhs and Quakers also have a concept of inner light.
But all believers are blessed with the light of the stars that twinkle on moonlit nights.
They see light in all its dimensions shining brightly revealing the truth of love.
With light as instruments of peace believers are blessed with the light of courage.
For Christians the Prince of Peace is a savior, teacher, guardian, provider, and flame of hope.
With lights let all religious faith heal the brokenhearted of the world, by praying for peace, love, and truth.       

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