Friday, June 21, 2019

Happy Solstice

Celebration of Wicca/Pagan Litha Yule

Oh, where is the sun?
Its way up in the sky like a large wheel afire
Celts and Romans celebrate the turning of the wheel
That’s a battle of light over darkness

Litha Yule – Midsummer Solstice, is the longest day of the year
The night is short, and it’s a celebration of the sun’s light
So let’s us be like Wiccans
And glorify the power of the sun over darkness

Be sure to enjoy the day
Use the diverse solar colors as you celebrate
Embrace the gifts of nature as summer begins
By enjoying the beauty of nature outdoors
Gather sunflowers from your garden
Decorate a picnic table in the park 
Then go swimming in the lake with the kids
And prepare a delicious barbeque outdoors
With the season’s finest foods

As night falls reflect on nature’s beauty
It was surely a wonderful experience as the sun stood still in the sky
So go to the hills and welcome its disappearance
By lighting bonfires and rolling them down hill
Then watch the balls of fire dissipate like the sun
On entering the waters below

Let the Universal Spirit know how much cultures appreciate the power of the sun
Symbolizing new life, prosperity, and happiness
And as a source of light providing for an abundant harvest
This celebration ends at night with lighted sparklers
As people wave them saying, “Goodbye Eternal Spirit for such a glorious display”    

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