Friday, June 28, 2019

Light & Illumination

With Light there’s Illumination

In revelation deities and saints show goodness, clarity, and insight.
And light is also a symbol of purity and openness.
The light of Buddhists and Bodihisattvas come from within.
It’s often depicted as a rainbow or flames above their heads
Showing that they have achieved Enlightenment

In Hinduism light symbolizes Brahman – the eye, self, gods, and divinity.
Believers embrace this light as the power of the sun, a star, or planet.
Often it’s seen as an illumination of the mind, brilliance, happiness, and prosperity.
Devout Hindus are inspired by its wisdom, knowledge, intuition, and energy.

In Christianity light is a motif that resides within.
 The humble minds of the faithful Christians are considered enlightened.
This light is considered supernatural, and part of their religious life from creation.
Believers hold to the tenets that with light the darkness of bad deeds would disappear.
Christians are taught to view themselves as the light of the world.
By so doing the Angles of Light work on their behalf.

Sikhs and Quakers also have a concept of inner light.
But all believers are blessed with the light of the stars that twinkle on moonlit nights.
They see light in all its dimensions shining brightly revealing the truth of love.
With light as instruments of peace believers are blessed with the light of courage.
For Christians the Prince of Peace is a savior, teacher, guardian, provider, and flame of hope.
With lights let all religious faith heal the brokenhearted of the world, by praying for peace, love, and truth.       

Friday, June 21, 2019

Happy Solstice

Celebration of Wicca/Pagan Litha Yule

Oh, where is the sun?
Its way up in the sky like a large wheel afire
Celts and Romans celebrate the turning of the wheel
That’s a battle of light over darkness

Litha Yule – Midsummer Solstice, is the longest day of the year
The night is short, and it’s a celebration of the sun’s light
So let’s us be like Wiccans
And glorify the power of the sun over darkness

Be sure to enjoy the day
Use the diverse solar colors as you celebrate
Embrace the gifts of nature as summer begins
By enjoying the beauty of nature outdoors
Gather sunflowers from your garden
Decorate a picnic table in the park 
Then go swimming in the lake with the kids
And prepare a delicious barbeque outdoors
With the season’s finest foods

As night falls reflect on nature’s beauty
It was surely a wonderful experience as the sun stood still in the sky
So go to the hills and welcome its disappearance
By lighting bonfires and rolling them down hill
Then watch the balls of fire dissipate like the sun
On entering the waters below

Let the Universal Spirit know how much cultures appreciate the power of the sun
Symbolizing new life, prosperity, and happiness
And as a source of light providing for an abundant harvest
This celebration ends at night with lighted sparklers
As people wave them saying, “Goodbye Eternal Spirit for such a glorious display”    

Saturday, June 15, 2019

God's Gifts

Our gifts from God are all above, below, and around us.  They are seen as elements in the sky, on land, waters, in different dimensions, and shapes.  Through many planets, continents, regions, countries, landscapes, mountains, canyons, oceans, seas, rivers, and streams we are blessed with these gifts.  These gifts are all graced with God’s beauty and charm.  Citizens experience the population of their nations, ethnic, and religious differences.  They are part of their culture, transportation system, lifestyle, and professions.  These gifts are shaped by the institutions, corporations, and organizations of their countries.  People around the world speak in multiple languages, and science and technology have ushered in ubiquitous communication networks.  All these visible blessings are from God.. 
Just like how men and women are awed by God’s majestic gifts, there’s also a whole spiritual realm that’s more stupendous, often not felt, heard, or seen.  These invisible forces exist.  Just imagine the wind that blows that is often mild, moderate, or fierce.  It could be soothing, comforting, erratic, or violent. The wind’s emotions people experience when the weather is good, or bad.  These earthly inhabitants however live through the storms of life with typhoons, cyclones, and hurricanes. 

Nature of Gifts

Like the wind people couldn’t see, but still feel its effects. Believers witness the sick healed, but still don’t believe because of their lack of faith.  They know evil is bad, but still do bad things.  Many are blessed with good gifts, and attribute them to chance, or randomness.  Blessings though could come in many forms.  Not all of them are great, but some are small miracles that people often fail to see.  But there are those gifts the Eternal Spirit has graced us with.  They come from the same Universal Spirit.  These blessings are through God from the Book of Deuteronomy 28:2-8:

“All these blessings will come on you and accompany you if you obey the Lord your God: You will be blessed in the city and blessed in the country.  The fruit of your womb will be blessed, and the crops of your land and the young of your livestock – the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks.  Your basket and your kneading trough will be blessed.  You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out.  The Lord will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you.  They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven.  The Lord will send a blessing on your barns and on everything you put your hands to.  The Lord your God will bless you in the land he is giving you.”

Therefore it’s wise to be of service in the world, and surprises await us wherever we turn.  Some of these might not make much sense immediately, are difficult to understand, but on reflection the Great Spirit was at work.  These gifts are the best experiences that comfort believers, who walk by faith, and live in God’s light.              

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Testing & Problem Solving

People must consider it a joy when they encounter trials knowing that the testing of their faith produces endurance.  This endurance has its good results so that they will be perfect and complete (Jas 1:2-4).  When they share in the suffering of Christ they should keep rejoicing.  So when the revelation of his glory comes it will result in exultation (1 Pet 4:13).  The Lord explains drunkenness is a false joy (Jer. 51:39).  But when sorrow turns into gladness their souls sing praises unto him (Ps 30:11-12).  An artist and founder of the Japanese martial art of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba (18831969) said, “As soon as you concern yourself with the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ of your fellows, you create an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter.  Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weaken and defeat you.”  It’s believed a good way to face the problems of life is to be positive.  Testing put hurdles in our way which are necessary trials for our growth.

Intuition & Testing

By our intuition people often have to decide on the course of action they must take.  Such action will be the best way of dealing with their problems.  Brian Grazer (b. 1951), a film and television producer wrote, “You have to trust yourself not research.  Not testing.  Testing helps, but you have to trust your own taste.  If your taste says something isn’t any good, don’t let research rationalize that out of its own truth.”  One’s shoe doesn’t fit all.  Much research deals with generalizations, but people should know the difference about what’s right for them.

Testing could make or break us.  The trick is to stay focus in our daily trials to obtain the best results.  A professional boxer Evander Holyfield (b. 1962) said, “The word of God steadies me.  He says your trials and tribulations make you who you are.  So you can see my whole story in the way I endured and overcame some testing experiences.”  Testing is very much like shaping a pot from a kiln.  The final result is what the divine potter wants us to be like.

Questions People Encounter

People still however have to questions that come their way.  The Bible spells out how they should handle these.  That is how they discern their true gifts that are guiding them.  Thabo Mbeki (b. 1942), a South African politician wrote, “I think that probably the most important thing about our education was that it taught us to question even those things we thought we knew.  To say that you’ve got to inquire, you’ve got to be testing your knowledge all the time in order to be more effective in what you are doing.”  People should test the waters to solve problems.  These results might come to them as answers to their questions.

Testing though could be a double-edged sword.  Burt Rutan (b. 1943), an aerospace engineer said, “Testing leads to failure, and failure leads to understanding.”  It’s often said to try again and again, and at last we’ll succeed.  View all failure as a positive force that motivates us in doing our best.  A president of the United States Jimmy Carter (b. 1924) wrote, “Testing oneself is best when done alone.”  Inevitably testing begins by taking an account of oneself.  People have to be honest about who they are, and what are their real intentions when making decisions, and acting upon them.  Being true to oneself is paramount, because change first begins with people themselves before spreading to others.     

Monday, June 3, 2019

The Summit of Life

The Summit of Life

Climb the mountain
God has set before you
Your goal is to reach the summit
So don’t ever remain stuck in a valley
But discover your purpose in life and pursue it diligently

You must not be lukewarm in pursuing your purpose
But be passionate about it
Give your best shot and discover your life’s goal.

Is your purpose, loving your family?
Then truly love your husband, wife, and kids
With your whole heart, body, and soul
Show them the depths of love by what you do
Just don’t say the word ‘love’
But act on your desire and be passionate about it.

Is your purpose in life promoting the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity?
Then reach out and bless those you encounter
Make friends with those you meet on the highways and byways
Give generously to the poor, hungry, and destitute
Always reaffirming your passion for the dignity of mankind

Is your passion found in a career?
If you teach endeavor to be the best teacher of your students.
If you are in sports, rise to the occasion of being a credit to the team.
If you are a writer explore stories that will make readers become better people.
If you are a scientist pursue research for the health of the human race.
And if you are a religious, pray for, and with the world, for the betterment of God’s creation.
For once you find your purpose, you are meant to be a role model.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

With Tears Help US God, in Virginia Beach

With Tears Help Us God, in Virginia Beach

O Merciful Father, God, and Divine Protector
Help us with the tears we are shedding
For the 12 killed and injured in Virginia Beach
Ease our pain and comfort us
To do everything in our power against such wanton display of violence

We thank you for all the first responders
who risked their lives for the safety of countless others
We offer up prayers with the hope that people be secured in our beloved city
That there will always be protection for the innocent and vulnerable
That there will be peace in Virginia Beach and Greater Hampton Roads
And that we will have confidence in the good will of fellow Virginians
Of diverse races, to be ardent supporters of the cause of safety for all

Grant O Lord! – Great Universal Spirit that our sorrow will cease
As we mourn the loss of these precious Virginians
And heal the wounds of the injured and abused
Give us the courage to go about our business in our city
With fervor, and help us to prevent such acts
of disgrace from ever happening again

Eternal Spirit under your wings continue to nestle us
Always giving us the strength and will to oppose
what’s wrong, and standing up for what’s right
Keep us safe, and help us always to be true to you
In thoughts, words, and deeds
Through Our Great and Everlasting Savior