Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Natural Universe

People regard the Natural Universe in different ways.  Many believers feel God is immanent (in nature), some say He’s transcendent (outside of nature); yet others hold Him to be omnipresent as a Universal, or Eternal Spirit.  The poem which follows addresses such an experience as the writer was “Sitting on the porch watching the world go by….”  In amazement he saw, “The Soul of Eternal Spirit” gluing all elements manifested in life together.    

The Soul of Eternal Spirit
Sitting on the porch watching the world go by
Lots of familiar things I didn’t notice before
Large rocks just lounging around
With leaves on trees fluttering in the breeze
And geese strolling idly by in pairs

But what delighted me most
Was how majestic everything seemed
A mild wind blew intermittently
With birds on tree tops chirping melodiously
And flowering plants enjoying the spectacle

Across the way stood a sparkling lake
And the street reflected the summer heat
But today no neighbors were mulling around
This was the True Essence of Life
Just the Universal Spirit gluing everything together

Although the huge brown rocks stood still
As the branches of trees swayed in the breeze
With an occasional truck and car passing by
The Divine Presence could clearly be felt
Yes! And it had a message,
“My Presence isn’t a person – man, woman, or child.
This is The Soul of Eternal Spirit speaking.”       

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