Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Birth, Death, & Consciousness

 Birth, Death, & Consciousness

Just imagine life all starts with a sperm and egg
Multiple choices become apparent
But all results favor only one combination
It’s amazing how we come to be
But when was our true beginning?

Life originated through the One Universal Spirit
That’s how people and things eventually took form
From this point all living and non-living beings began
And religions paint multi-faceted pictures of this account
But which faith gives the best explanation?

In the West and the East beliefs differ
And are based on science and religion
From beginning to end science has defined birth and death -
From the sperm and egg to the absence of brain waves
But when does life really begin and end?

In the Christian faith Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit
And was able to conceive their Savior Jesus Christ
While in the East - Hinduism and Buddhism
Based their teachings on reincarnation –
Living in former lives with birth and rebirth

But it appears everything originates from Spirit
Matter is never destroyed but recycled
So people and all livings things eventually end up after death as One Reality
And being part of the cycle in the Universal Soup once again
From their natural origins the genesis of all things are from Spirit
In the end all living things will merge
And be collective consciousness with the One Universal Spirit


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