Sunday, May 26, 2019

A Future with Dialysis

My health is failing
But I have had a long and beautiful ride
This reality is the inevitable course of all life
For there’s a season for everything
Day follows night
While the seasons come and go
All these realities are reflected in one’s life.

At pivotal junctions my decline has been gradual
At 60 my doctor told me my kidneys were sluggish
This was around my birthday in the month of June
So I also celebrated this news with friends at an Italian restaurant
There began my first experience with chronic renal failure
And my determination to keep this disease at bay

Since then I was living with this affliction caused by Lithium
For over 15 years I’ve watched my lab work with concern
At times the results gave me hope that I wouldn’t need dialysis
But now it looks as though this would be the case.

I have no regrets for I have had a long ride doing what I enjoy
But the Universal Spirit knows best as I sync with nature
It looks as though by the time I get there I’ll be fully used up
For over the years I suffered with manic depression, high blood pressure,
Unitary Tract Infection, diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration,
And has been the recipient of a pacemaker

Frankly I don’t expect healing from the Universal Spirit
For I have been profoundly blessed in many unexpected ways
Over the years my physical decline has been gradual
And I have grappled with each health problem
With the challenges of living a sensible lifestyle
I pray for only good results from all suffering as I reflect
On the syncing process with nature
But only God really knows how soon my end will be.

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