Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Essence of Life

I often dream about change
As these experiences come and go
Some are pleasant and others are not
But one thing seems certain –
Change surely is the Essence of Life

In the beginning we hadn’t any say about these changes
Where we come from
And who our parents will be
Yet the Almighty brought us as gifts to this world –
In our beloved countries
As beautiful gifts and with a purpose in mind

Imagine we were embryos –
A bundle of interacting cells
And the multiplicity of changes that transformed us
Developing in stages to become people
Yes! These are all miraculous changes
Both small and great designed with a Divine Purpose

We were soon children beaming with delight
Good and bad in our adolescent years
But we learned what’s right and wrong
And soon became adults with special vocations
That caused us to excel like shining lights

In destiny we experienced the joys and sadness of life
That hit us straight between the eyes
Yet such changes molded us for the better
And shaped us to be who we really are
It’s these divine changes which continue to grace our lives
Making us become the Best of Nature!
With the Blessings of Almighty Spirit!

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