Saturday, March 30, 2019

Does God Exist?

God Exists
It’s a mistake to only imagine God.
Therefore God is real.
He exists.

The universe had to start from somewhere.
So God always had to be around.
Everything in the world has limits.
And there’s always a cause and effect.
But there must be God who existed before everything else.
God is infinite so He exists

Let’s take a look at nature.
Every element is in a specific order.
The sun, moon, and stars always radiate light.
People experience night and day.
Trees blossom at the appointed season.
Such a complex order requires a Creator.
So God exists.

People have morals.
They inherently have a sense of what’s right and wrong.
They won’t arbitrarily commit murder.
They live according to the set laws of the land.
It’s God alone who makes these moral requirements valid.
He’s the absolute lawgiver.
Therefore God exists.

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