Saturday, July 9, 2016

Keys of Faith

In the devotional Keys of Faith, an important statement on p. 37 catches my eye: "We're capable of rallying others and persuading them to follow the ways of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, while being mindful not to be enticed by worldly manipulations that seek to torpedo our best efforts."

On p. 83, it's written, "... some people who lack faith hold on to their guilty feelings and not believe Christ really has forgiven them. It must always be remembered, though, that Jesus Christ loves each sinner very much. There's no prejudice in his love, and he calls on all sinners to repent. With repentance our greatest guilt is washed away through the power of the Holy Spirit."

Reviewing the section on Ubiquitous Media which ends on p. 106 - in Meditation 46, it's all about God and the media. It shows, "From ponies, pigeons, trains, and steamboats for delivering news, the utilization of printing presses in the American colonies in the 1800s was followed by the telegraph. On May 24, 1844, inventor Samuel F.B. Morse (1791—1872) sent the message “What hath God Wrought?” via telegraphic code. His dots and dashes laid the foundation of electronic voice transmissions. Morse's prophetic saying has come down through history as having far reaching ramifications for the American and worldwide mass communication systems."

But Meditation 35 discussed the "Images of Women" with the following quotation, "Regardless of how intelligent and spirit-filled women are, some men view them as beings to manipulate. Some films and TV programs show women as flaky and unstable. News clips portray female reporters being emotional when reporting tragic stories, and a few male journalists have criticize them for becoming personally involved rather than detached and objective." Then, it's on to the section, Special Needs - p. 135, where there's a look at how "Disabilities Enrich Our Lives."

In Survival of the Fittest, we learn "All Lives Matter", and that "Competition only exists in this earthly plane of life. Some men and women are crushed by life's troubles and are trapped by the complexities of modern culture. Always remember there's hope on the horizon under any and all circumstances. Never lose faith, and be reawakened to the amazing graces our future holds because of God," which brings us to p. 158.

Blessings from God is the last section of this book. But it's fitting to end with the last Meditation 52, with a quotation by Christopher Columbus (1451 - 1506), Italian explorer, navigator, and colonizer, who stated, "Gold is a treasure and he who possesses it does all he wishes in the world, and succeeds in helping souls to paradise." We have often heard that gold, money if you wish, can be corrupting if not used wisely. Columbus saw gold positively, as a way for winning souls - souls who will be with God in paradise.

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